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The Superbowl was great (though we did skip the half-time entertainment as usual). Seems like we had a lull for a while where the commercials just weren't that great-- which, let's be honest, is why a lot of us watch the superbowl-- for the commercials. But this year the game was fun (even if I didn't care about either team), and the commercials were entertaining.

Here's one out of left field-- the Cash4Gold commercial. Those are usually the most obnoxious ones, so we were apalled at first... "What?! How the H did a commercial like this get airtime during the superbowl?!" But only a few seconds in we get M.C. Hammer saying "I can get cash for my gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion!" Ahh, good times ensued.

Even some of the ones that weren't funny, per se, were still cool, like the Coke commercial with the insects stealing the coke, among others. (Though perhaps I might register my disgust with the GoDaddy commercials... not funny, not clever, just degrading. And what the heck was up with the Cheetos commercial? Creepy.)

So what was your favorite commercial?
So, I've noticed that comments seem to take an excessively long time to go through, and that often the same comment goes through twice (whether that's from people hitting the button again or the system being buggy). At first I just thought my server must just be slow as molasses. Then it occurred to me to try commenting on Marianne's blog, which is also hosted on my server, but runs different software (she's on Wordpress, I'm on Movable Type, as I have been for close to 6 years).

Turns out her comments go through instantly. Problem definitely has to be with this version of Movable Type. So thanks for your patience in commenting... I'm looking into the problem. It'd be sad if I had to ditch MT and go to Wordpress, but perhaps it's for the better. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon.


You know, if someone has a problem with me, I wish they'd let me know so we can resolve it rather than getting up early in the morning to write harsh letters in the frost on driver's side window of my car, haha. Seriously. What the H?
jan9_09a.jpgYou know, I don't hate Winter in and of itself. I don't mind the cold, I don't mind the snow (save for driving in poor conditions). What gets me down is when there's just a jacket of gray crusty snow on the ground, overcast skies, and smog, so that *everything* is just gray and dull. I sort of just go into hibernation during this time of year usually.

So for the most part I don't mind the snow we've been getting lately-- even if I grumble a bit at having to drive in it. Because it means when the snow is gone, that it'll be gorgeous outside like it was today. The snowy mountains against the clear blue sky create such a beautiful and serene picture. It feels good to be alive on days like this... it's almost strange the impact sunshine and clear skies can have on how you feel. Why am I writing all this? Just an excuse to express my appreciation for the winter scene before me :) 
dec31_08a.jpgDeliciousness that I look forward to each New Years, courtesy of Aunt Heather. Mmm...

jan1_08a.jpgThe Sloanies got to spend some good times with Jeffe over the holidays, as he was visiting from Maui. This was New Years Day, after watching "Yes Man", and prior to heading out to Italian Village for dinner later on. (I enjoyed "Yes Man"-- both the comedy and the certain level of personal truth in the movie. This means I think of myself to some degree as a "No Man", haha.)

So the Holidays have come and gone, and I find myself once again facing a new year. I started back at school today, after an eight month break. (Last semester I procrastinated signing up for classes and ended up not being able to get into the one or two classes offered that I still needed to take.)

My initial impression is that the semester I'm facing is bit daunting. Perhaps not because of the difficulty of the coursework, or the volume, though it'll certainly consume most of my time outside of work. I think it's because I haven't done anything with design for a couple years now-- the classes I've been taking to fulfill requirements for my major (Graphic Design) have mostly been electives in other areas, like digital painting, 3d modeling, 3d texturing / lighting, and senior seminar-- none of which required any traditional design work. On top of that, I put what creative energy I did expend in 2008 into photography-- and that's more expressive than anything. I haven't really had to stretch my brain to be creative and come up with ideas for some time now. It's kinda like being out of shape creatively and realizing that not only do you need to go back to the gym, but certain levels of performance will be expected of you in very little time.

So here I am in a class that's geared towards helping students prepare to find jobs-- preparing a physical portfolio, refining and adding to the work in that portfolio, doing a digital portfolio, creating / designing a resume. And I find myself asking whether I see myself as a professional graphic designer. Above that, I ask whether I see myself as professional anything, haha. I feel as if I don't take life seriously enough most of the time. I've always been a jack of all trades and master of none.

I'm along for the ride, though. I think I'll enjoy the opportunities to learn and grow in these classes, something that can't be avoided when I have to leave my comfort zone.

Happy New Year ;)