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So, I've noticed that comments seem to take an excessively long time to go through, and that often the same comment goes through twice (whether that's from people hitting the button again or the system being buggy). At first I just thought my server must just be slow as molasses. Then it occurred to me to try commenting on Marianne's blog, which is also hosted on my server, but runs different software (she's on Wordpress, I'm on Movable Type, as I have been for close to 6 years).

Turns out her comments go through instantly. Problem definitely has to be with this version of Movable Type. So thanks for your patience in commenting... I'm looking into the problem. It'd be sad if I had to ditch MT and go to Wordpress, but perhaps it's for the better. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon.


Josh said:

I would say "GO BLOGGER!!!" but it would take too long.

Sloanie Author Profile Page said:

Blogger is kinda clunky and slow too (especially when uploading photos and what not)-- the only advantage there is some of blogger's features and the shear number of people that use it and could thus use their google ID to post comments. Nah... word press is way snappier than blogger. Ah well. It's getting to be time to revamp the blog again anyways, right?

Josh said:

blog snob.

Hey, while you're making improvements to your blog--
how about fixing the comments section so that when you check "Remember personal info" you don't have to re-enter your personal info every time you comment. And why, when you choose "comment anonymously," does it immediately ask for your name? Seems kind of disingenuous.

Emily said:

Oh thank goodness... I seem to end up posting the same comment at least twice when I try to say something. I agree, blogger has some issues. I upload photos to photobucket and then use a direct html link to get them on my blog. But hey, stick with what you like.

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