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You know, if someone has a problem with me, I wish they'd let me know so we can resolve it rather than getting up early in the morning to write harsh letters in the frost on driver's side window of my car, haha. Seriously. What the H?


Mar said:

I think it was Dan.

Stevo said:

Sorry dude, sometimes all there is for me to do is to write crap on your car, and those 2 letters say so much! haha, j/k. That's pretty hilarious that someone did that tho.

Travis said:

at least it was only on your window, written with finger. some jerk wrote "F*** You" (without the asterisks) on the bumper of my car in PERMANENT MARKER. talk about stupid and immature. oh well. it's kind of funny, though . . . especially when I go to church. ha ha.

Sloanie Author Profile Page said:

Travis-- haha, dude that sucks. I'd be ticked if someone wrote on my car with permanent marker, regardless of what they wrote.

larisa said:

Maybe they were going to writng "fun" and 2/3 through, they realized they were really late for something and couldn't finish :) Also, your winter picture in the previous post is GORGEOUS.

Emily said:

Exactly, my finger just got to cold. Original plan: Fun Mike. It was a compliment.

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