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The Superbowl was great (though we did skip the half-time entertainment as usual). Seems like we had a lull for a while where the commercials just weren't that great-- which, let's be honest, is why a lot of us watch the superbowl-- for the commercials. But this year the game was fun (even if I didn't care about either team), and the commercials were entertaining.

Here's one out of left field-- the Cash4Gold commercial. Those are usually the most obnoxious ones, so we were apalled at first... "What?! How the H did a commercial like this get airtime during the superbowl?!" But only a few seconds in we get M.C. Hammer saying "I can get cash for my gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion!" Ahh, good times ensued.

Even some of the ones that weren't funny, per se, were still cool, like the Coke commercial with the insects stealing the coke, among others. (Though perhaps I might register my disgust with the GoDaddy commercials... not funny, not clever, just degrading. And what the heck was up with the Cheetos commercial? Creepy.)

So what was your favorite commercial?

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