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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Zion's Trip in Pictures

Well, MY pictures, anyway. Maybe Shawn can post some of HIS pictures from the Subway hike the boys did! :)

So, Jesse, Steve and Shawn all did the Subway hike. They came back pretty beat up, but happy - sounded like fun! Jesse forgot to change his shirt, so I was a nice sister-in-law and traded him, so he wouldn't have to wear his work shirt on the hike.

Mar, Addie, Kate and I hung around camp and ate, slept a little, got on the shuttle and went up to Weeping Rock. Addie liked the shuttle okay at first...

But then she preferred to sit on Aunt Kate's lap and chill for most of the ride.

When we got there, Addie was actually okay with being put in the baby backpack Mar and Jesse have for her - she seemed to enjoy it!

Anyway, it was a fun trip - pretty relaxing. Well, for me, anyway - I doubt it's very relaxing to hike the Subway! Or change 7 messy diapers in 24 hours, since Princess Poopypants couldn't seem to stop filling her pants! Hehe! :)

Fun times!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Camper

So cute.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Addie's Adventure

About a month ago, Mar and I went for pedicures at a small place in Riverton near her house. Addie came along for the girlie festivities, and she kept herself (and us) very entertained. She thumbed through an Avon catalog and wandered around the place looking for things to do.

"Anything good in here?"

"What do you think, would these look good on me?"

"What else is there to do around here?"

"OOOHHH... sparkly. I can't get it, there's glass in the way!"

"Aunt Mel, can I have the pink one?"
Look how adorable she is, I'll pretty much give her anything she wants! I think she had a pretty okay time being girly, and it will be fun when she's old enough to sit still and get her own toes painted. Good times!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home taught

Home Teacher: (talking about the importance of family prayer, shares that, in the article, President Monson shares the quote "The family that prays together, stays together.) So, do you guys have regular family prayer?
Kate: Nope. (home teacher's eyes widen a bit)
Steve: And yet we stay together.
Mike: and then perhaps a little too much at that... 

Yeah, I'm sure you can tell from the chronicles of the crazy pills blog of vacations, camping trips, and various and sundry get-togethers, we tend to have a good time together. (whether or not we rock at family prayer) ;-)

Security Detail

A few weeks ago in church they were looking for volunteers to fill various positions to facilitate one of the dedication sessions of the Draper Temple. I signed up to do security, and when Dan and Shawn later signed on to help out, the person organizing the volunteer work put them in the other two slots for security. Cool. 

As the date of our service approached, we got a phone call from someone higher up in the stake who was in charge of our area of service, and he indicated that our responsibilities would be a little more important than we had imagined, that we'd actually be running the com center and so on. Sweet.

Well, it came time for us to fill our shift for the 4:30pm session on Saturday, March 21. I volunteered to take the position inside the temple on the top floor in the "medical center" (office that had been converted into a place for some first aid and what not), which meant that in addition to a walkie talkie, I had an ear piece so that my radio wouldn't be emitting any noise that anyone could hear besides myself. It also meant that I would be watching / participating in that dedicatory session. Shawn and Dan, however, would be disconnected from the actual proceedings of the dedication. Shawn was posted outside in the parking lot, and Dan in the com center (communications center, which was an office in the stake center adjacent to the temple... or as Dan referred to it, the command center, hehe.)

It turns out that there were three different channels for the radios, and the security at the temple was on channel 3. It turns out that the only people on channel 3 were Dan, Shawn, and myself. You can imagine the good times that ensued, haha. In an homage to "The 'Burbs", Dan assumed the code name "Eagle Eye" as he was running the communications center, and I was Task Force 1 while Shawn was Task Force 2. The following is some shenanigans that need to be documented here at crazy pills. 

Keep in mind that once the dedication meeting started, I was seated inside the temple in a corner office with two other people-- one was the medic, and I'm not sure who the other lady was-- probably just one of the volunteers who decided to watch in that room. The proceedings are of course reverent and spiritual. We were required to do radio checks every hour, however. 

So I'm sitting there enjoying these reverent proceedings, when I hear Eagle Eye on the radio. It proceeded something like this:

"Task Force 2, this is Eagle Eye. Could you go see what kind of sandwiches they have?"

(I hadn't realized it was just us 3 on that channel, but apparently Dan was aware). 

"Eagle Eye, this is Task Force 2. There are no sandwiches left, but there are some cookies and candy left."
"What?! I just saw people coming out of there with sandwiches. What kind of cookies?"

"I'll just bring some over."

I was dying, trying not to laugh out loud at what was going on. Fortunately I was sitting behind the other two people in the room so they couldn't see my silent reaction to the silly conversation that was going on in my ear. 

Some time later, Eagle Eye requested another radio check:

"Task Force 1, this is Eagle Eye. Could you please update us on the status of the dedication proceedings?"

I responded in a low voice with a brief answer that the prophet was speaking. That's about all I could do without feeling like I'd be disrupting things for the other people in the room, haha. 

Later, after the attendees had vacated the temple and I had cleared the upper floor, I exited the temple and headed back towards the com center. 

"Eagle Eye this is Task Force 2, I have a visual on Task Force 1."

"Roger that Task Force 2. Would you please muscle up Task Force 1? Seriously, I want to see tears."

Ahaha, such good times. 

Monday, March 09, 2009


Kato's handiwork. But since no one posts to this blog much...I thought I'd throw this one out there.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This blog has been sadly neglected over the past few months. Mar is the only one who has bothered to update with cute pictures of Addie. :)
SO - I thought I'd add a little cheer. I got a gift certificate from a co-worker for Christmas for a specific website, and this is just a few parts of what I did with it.

I put together a small desk calendar with some of these Demotivators. And I actually bought the mug.
It's going to make my day a lot more cheerless. Thanks, Despair.com!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All...

...and to all a good night! (Thanks for a fun Christmas, Crazies!)